June 23
• Robin Whitty: Decidability: The Entscheidungsproblem
• John Tucker: History of the Turing Hypothesis: The Universal Machine
• Jack Copeland: Turing in the Modern World
• Samson Abramsky: Turing in the age of the Internet and the quantum computer
• Cliff Jones: Turing in the History of Software
• Martin Campbell-Kelly: Turing in the History of Computers
• Doron Swade: Congruent Worlds: Turing, Lovelace and Babbage

June 24
• Teresa Numerico: AI and the Turing Test
• Philip Maini: Morphogenesis Then and Now
• Simon Greenish & Jean Valentine: ACTION THIS DAY
• Andrew Hodges Decoding Alan Turing: A Biographer's Experience
• Ivor Grattan-Guinness: Why is Max Newman Part of the Turing Story?
• Darrel Ince: Turing Our Contemporary