19th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning - TIME 12

Invited Speakers:
• Valentin Goranko, Undecidability and Temporal Logic: From Turing to the Present
• Natasha Alechina, Reasoning about Plan Revision in Agent Programs
• Esteban Zimanyi, Spatio-Temporal Data Warehouses and Mobility Data: Current Status and Research Issues

Contributed Talks:
• Omar Bataineh, Tim French and Terry Woodings Formal Modeling and Analysis of a Distributed Transaction Protocol in UPPAAL
• Laurent Fribourg, David Lesens, Pierre Moro and Romain Soulat Robustness Analysis for Scheduling Problems using the Inverse Method
• Chongsheng Zhang, Florent Masseglia and Xiangliang Zhang Modeling and Clustering Users with Evolving Profiles in Usage Streams
• Carlo Alberto Furia and Paola Spoletini Automata-based Verification of Linear Temporal Logic Models with Bounded Variability
• Cesar Sanchez and Julian Samborski-Forlese Efficient Regular Linear Temporal Logic using Dualization and Stratification
• Willem Conradie, Salih Durhan and Guido Sciavicco An Integrated First-Order Theory of Points and Intervals: Expressive Power in the Case of All Linear Orders
• Michael Fisher, Boris Konev and Amir Niknafs Kermani Symmetric Temporal Theorem Proving
• Hubie Chen and Michał Wrona Guarded Ord-Horn: A Tractable Fragment of Quantified Constraint Satisfaction
• Hang Yue and Peter Revesz TVICS: An Efficient Traffic Video Information Converting System
• Angelo Montanari and Pietro Sala An Optimal Tableau System for the Logic of Temporal Neighborhood Over the Reals
• Kyriacos Pavlou and Richard Snodgrass Temporal Implications of Database Information Accountability
• Luca Ferrucci, Dino Mandrioli, Angelo Morzenti and Matteo Rossi A Metric Temporal Logic for Dealing with Zero-Time Transitions
• Renata C. B. Madeo, Clodoaldo A. M. Lima and Sarajane M. Peres A Review on Temporal Reasoning using Support Vector Machines
• John McCabe-Dansted A Tableau for the Combination of CTL and BCTL*
• Abdeldjalil Boudjadar, Jean-Paul Bodeveix and Mamoun Filali Compositional Refinement for Real-Time Systems with Priorities
• Hector Llorens, Naushad Uzzaman and James Allen Merging Temporal Annotations