The Singularity Summit Australia (Science and the Audacity of Imagination)

August 18
• James Bourne: The machinery of the visual brain: plasticity and regeneration (video)
• David Dowe: Turing Machines and Recursive Turing Tests (video)
• Mark Pesce: Mid-Singular (video)
• Stelarc: Augmented Arm (video)
• Stelarc, Mark Pesce: Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality – Possibilities for Navigating Mixed Reality in the Next Billion Seconds (video)
• Marcus Hutter: Universal AI (video)
• Randal Koene: Substrate Independent Minds (video)
• David Dowe, Marcus Hutter, James Harland: Alan Turing – Visionary and Genuis

August 19
• Meredith Doig: Technology in Society: Global Scenarios from the past, looking to the future (video)
• Andrew Dun: Zombie Rights (video)
• Colin Hales: Twenty Years of the Science of Consciousness: Lessons from a nascent science (video)
• Colin Hales, Marcus Hutter, Randal Koene: Intelligence, Substrates and Computation – Possibilities for the Future (video)
• Vic Ciesielski: Evolutionary Art (video)
• Marcus Hutter: Can Intelligence Explode? (video)
• Randal Koene: Extending Life and Staying Healthy is Not Enough (video)
• Marcus Hutter, Randal Koene, Meredith Doig: Technoshock! The Promise and the Peril in a World Radically Changing through Technology (video)