15th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  July 21-26 2002     Lyon     France  

ECAI-2002 Conference Paper

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Extending FF to Numerical State Variables

Joerg Hoffmann

The FF system obtains a heuristic estimate for each state during a forward search by solving a relaxed version of the planning task, where the relaxation is to assume that all delete lists are empty. We show how this relaxation, and FF's heuristic function, can naturally be extended to planning tasks with constraints and effects on numerical state variables. First results show that the implementation, Metric-FF, is competitive with other approaches to numerical planning, performing well against one of the most recent approaches on a numerical version of the Logistics domain.

Keywords: Planning

Citation: Joerg Hoffmann: Extending FF to Numerical State Variables. In F. van Harmelen (ed.): ECAI2002, Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2002, pp.571-575.

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