Logic Colloquium 2012

Ilijas Farah: Elliott's program and descriptive set theory (slides part 1 | slides part 2 | slides part 3)
Antonio Montalbán: Reverse mathematics (abstract)
Boris Zilber: Pseudo-analytic structures: model theory and algebraic geometry

Plenary Lectures
Jeremy Avigad: Computability and convergence
Andreas R. Blass: Symbioses between mathematical logic and computer science
Michael Rathjen (Goodstein Lecture): From Goodstein sequences to graph theory and weak consistency (abstract)
Gareth Jones: Counting rational points on definable sets (abstract)
Péter Komjáth: Some results on infinite graphs
Leonid Levin: Computers: who are they and what is beyond them (abstract)
Giuseppe Longo: Schroedinger (1944) and Turing (1952) on the logic of life
Angus Macintyre (Turing Lecture): Turing meets Schanuel
Menachem Magidor: Getting forcing axioms by finite support iteration
Zlil Sela: The elementary theory of free products of groups (abstract)
V. Yu. Shavrukov: Non-standard elements of r.e. sets
Alexandra Shlapentokh: First-order and existential definability and decidability in positive characteristic
Mariya I. Soskova: The Turing universe in the context of enumeration reducibility (abstract)

Talks Special sessions

Philosophy of Mathematics and Computer Science
Leon Horsten: Human effective computability
Johan van Benthem: Computation as social agency: what and how? (abstract)
Giovanni Sambin: Two principles of dynamic constructivism
Computability, Logical and Physical
Klaus Ambos-Spies: On the strongly bounded Turing degrees of simple sets
Vincent Danos: Statistical physics of communicating processes
Fay Dowker: Modus ponens in physics (abstract)
Philip Welch: Σ30-determinacy and transfinite Turing machine models (abstract)

Model Theory
Elias Baro: From commutators to Cartan subgroups in the o-minimal setting
Abderezak Ould Houcine: Algebraic closure and ampleness in free groups (abstract)
Françoise Point: Definable sets in topological differential fields (abstract)
Pierre Simon: Type decompositions in NIP theories

Homotopy Type Theory
Peter Aczel: The structure identity principle and the univalence axiom (abstract)
Nicola Gambino: Homotopy-initial W-types
Martin Hyland: Identity and existence (abstract)
Peter Lumsdaine: A categorical road to intensional type theory (abstract)

Set Theory
Mirna Dzamonja: Forcing axioms (abstract)
David Asperó: Ω-completeness and forcing axioms
Dilip Raghavan: Bounding, splitting, and almost disjointness (abstract)
James Cummings: Infinitary methods in finite combinatorics (abstract)

Proof Theory
Arnold Beckmann: Feasible computation on general sets
Thomas Strahm: Unfolding schematic formal systems: from non-finitist to feasible arithmetic
Albert Visser: Provability logic and the arithmetics of a theory
Stan Wainer: A hierarchy of ramified theories "around" PRA

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