6th International School on Rewriting

José Meseguer. ITR: Introduction to Term Rewriting
Albert Rubio. TFA: Termination of Rewriting: Foundations and Automation
Santiago Escobar. MAU: A Rewriting-Based Specification and Programming Language: Maude
Beatriz Alarcón and Raúl Gutiérrez. ETR: Exercises on Term Rewriting
María Alpuente. NTA: Narrowing Techniques and Applications
Temur Kutsia. Johannes Kepler MUG: Matching, Unification, and Generalizations
Pierre Lescane. LCA: Lambda Calculus: Extensions and Applications
Georg Moser. ACA: Automated Complexity Analysis of Term Rewriting Systems
Narciso Martí-Oliet. RLA: Rewriting Logic and Applications
Albert Oliveras. SAV: SAT and SMT Techniques in Proof and Verification
Sophie Tison. TAT: Tree Automata, Turing Machines and Term Rewriting
Xavier Urbain. CER: Certification of Rewriting Properties
Andrei Voronkov. ARP: Automated Reasoning and Theorem Proving