17th International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata (CIAA)

July 17
- Janusz Brzozowski: In Search of Most Complex Regular Languages
- Ines Klimann, Jean Mairesse and Matthieu Picantin: Implementing Computations in Automaton (Semi)groups
- Franz Jahn, Manfred Kufleitner and Alexander Lauser: Regular Ideal Languages and Their Boolean Combinations
- Cyril Allauzen and Michael Riley: A Pushdown Transducer Extension for the OpenFst Library
- Mehryar Mohri: A Disambiguation Algorithm for Finite Automata and Functional Transducers
- Kai Salomaa: In Memoriam Sheng Yu
- Galina Jirásková and Tomáš Masopust: On the State and Computational Complexity of the Reverse of Acyclic MinimalDFAs
- Artur Jeiż and Andreas Maletti: Hyper-Minimization for Deterministic Tree Automata

July 18
- Mikhail Berlinkov: Synchronizing Automata on Quasi Eulerian Digraph
- Grzegorz Rozenberg: A Formal Framework for Processes Inspired by the Functioning of Living Cells
- Fedor Fominykh and Mikhail Volkov: P(l)aying for Synchronization
- Vladimir Gusev: Synchronizing Automata of Bounded Rank
- Martyugin Pavel: Synchronization of Automata with one Undefined or Ambiguous Transition
- Ahmed Amarni and Sylvain: Lombardy Factor and Subsequence Kernels and Signatures of Rational Languages
- Sylvain Lombardy and Jacques Sakarovitch: The removal of weighted epsilon-transitions
- Eleni Mandrali: Weighted LTL with Discounting
- Simone Faro and Thierry Lecroq: A Fast Suffix Automata Based Algorithm for Exact Online String Matching

July 19
- Dane Henshall, Jeffrey Shallit and Daniel Goč: Automatic Theorem-Proving in Combinatorics on Words
- José N. Oliveira: Typed Linear Algebra for Weighted (probabilistic) automata
- Andreas Reuß and Helmut Seidl: Crossing the Syntactic Barrier: Hom-Disequalities for H1-Clauses
- Martin Kutrib and Friedrich Otto: On the Descriptional Complexity of the Window Size for Deterministic Restarting Automata
- Joshua Amavi, Jacques Chabin and Pierre Réty: Weak Inclusion for Recursive XML Types
- Oscar Ibarra and Nicholas Tran: How to Synchronize the Heads of a Multitape Automaton
- Paul Gastin: Adding Pebbles to Weighted Automata
- Pierpaolo Degano, Gianluigi Ferrari and Gianluca Mezzetti: Nominal Automata for Resource Usage Control
- Manfred Droste and Bundit Pibaljommee: Weighted Nested Word Automata and Logics over Strong Bimonoids
- Tullio Ceccherini-Silberstein, Michel Coornaert, Francesca Fiorenzi and Zoran Sǔníc: Cellular Automata on Regular Rooted Trees
- Pierre-Cyrille Héam, Vincent Hugot and Olga Kouchnarenkoe: On Positive TAGED with a Bounded Number of Constraints
- Daniel Reidenbach and Markus L. Schmid: Automata with Modulo Counters and Nondeterministic Counter Bounds
- Pascal Caron, Jean-Marc Champarnaud and Ludovic Mignot: Multi-Tilde-Bar Expressions and their Derivatives
- Tingwen Liu, Yong Sun, Li Guo and Binxing Fang: SDFA: Series DFA for Memory-Efficient Regular Expression Matching