7th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia (CSR 2012)

July 1
- I.Anureev, I. Maryasov, V. Nepomniaschy: Revised mixed axiomatic semantics method for C program verification
- A. Promsky: Verifying the standard C library: the C-light approach
- I.Konnov, V.Podymov, D.Volkanov, V.Zakharov, D.Zorin: On the designing of model checkers for real-time distributed systems
- N.Garanina: Affine model checking multi-agent sliding window protocol
- D.Chkliaev, V.Nepomniaschy: Deductive verification of the classical sliding window protocol
- R.I. Podlovchenko, A.E. Molchanov: Algebraic models of programs with procedures
- V.A. Bashkin: On the hereditary properties of modular nets
- L.V. Dvoryansky, I.A. Lomazova: Towards a translation from nested petri nets into colored petri nets
- D.A. Zaitsev: Verification of grid structures with specific edge conditions

July 2
- M. Akhin, V. Itsykson: Tree slicing in clone detection: syntactic analysis made semi-semantic
- P. Drobintsev, A.Kolchin, V.Kotlyarov, A.Letichevsky, V.Peschanenko: An approach to creating a technology of test automation for industrial software projects
- A. Tyugashev, I. Ermakov, I. Ilyin: Ways to get more reliable and safe software in aerospace industry
- A.Zakharov, V.Itsykson: Static approach to detection of data loss errors
- A.Zakonov, A.Shalyto: Towards automated high coverage test generation for web applications using abstract syntax trees analysis
- M. Dekhtyar, M.Valiev: Verification of fuzzy markov decision processes
- E.V. Kuzmin, V.A. Sokolov: On verification of ld-programs
- N.V. Shilov: Using esoteric languages for teaching formal semantics
- S.Baranov, V.Itsykson, N.Shilov, V.Sokolov: Actual problems of program verification. From theory to application
- Sergey Grebnev, Andrey Dmukh, Denis Dygin, Dmitry Matyukhin, Vladimir Rudskoy and Vasily Shishkin: Asymmetric Reply to SHA- 3: Russian Hash Function Draft Standard
- Grigory Marshalko, Alexey Pokrovskiy. Further Results on the Security of MQ_DRBG
- Alexey Nesterenko. Key Transport Protocol Based on Hybrid Encryption Scheme
- Marina Pudovkina, Georgy Khoruzhenko. On Classes of Weak Keys of the Generalized PRINT Cipher
- Marina Pudovkina, Georgy Khoruzhenko. Related-key Attacks on the Full GOST Block Cipher with 12 Related Keys
- Vladimir Rudskoy, Andrey Dmukh. Algebraic and Differential Cryptanalysis of GOST: Fact or Fiction
- Andrew Zubkov, Alexander Serov. Testing Properties of Boolean Mappings
- Alexandr Nechaev, Alexandr Abornev. Nonliear Permutations of a Space Over a Finite Field Induced by Linear Transformations of a Module Over a Galois Ring
- Mikhail Goltvanitca, Alexandr Nechaev and Sergey Zaitcev. Skew LRS of Maximal Period Over Galois Rings
- Vladimir Anashin, Tatiana Lipina. P-adic Methods in Automata Theory
- Andrey Dmukh, Grigory Marshalko. Understanding Collision Search
- Sergey Grebnev and Denis Dygin. Efficient Implementation of the GOST R 34.10 Digital Signature Scheme Using Modern Approaches to Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication
- Denis Kryskov. Lim-Lee Precomputed Exponentiation Fixed and Optimized
- Pavel Lebedev. Implementation of Stribog Cryptographic Hash Function Family on NVIDIA CUDA Platform
- Andrew Zubkov, Vasily Kruglov. On the Distribution of Weight Spectra of Random Linear Binary Codes

July 3
- Vijay Vazirani. Can the Theory of Algorithms Ratify the "Invisible Hand of the Market?"
- Nachshon Cohen and Zeev Nutov. Approximating minimum power edge-multi-covers
- Romeo Rizzi and Florian Sikora. Some results on more flexible versions of Graph Motif
- Sebastian Bauer, Uli Fahrenberg, Axel Legay and Claus Thrane. General Quantitative Specification Theories with Modalities
- TURING LECTURE Yuri Matiyasevich. Alan Turing and Number Theory
- Pinar Heggernes and Sigve Hortemo Sæther. Broadcast Domination on block graphs in linear time
- Martin Dietzfelbinger and Michael Rink. Towards Optimal Degree-distributions for Left-perfect Matchings in Random Bipartite Graphs
- Bernhard Heinemann. Characterizing Certain Topological Specifications
- Eli Fox-Epstein and Danny Krizanc. The Complexity of Minor-Ancestral Graph Properties with Forbidden Pairs

July 4
- Lev Beklemishev. DKAL: A Distributed Knowledge Authorization Language and Its Logic of Information
- Timo Jolivet and Jarkko Kari. Consistency of multidimensional combinatorial substitutions
- Hans Simon. Boolean Composition of Visual Secret Sharing Schemes
- Petr Golovach, Bernard Lidicky, Barnaby Martin and Daniel Paulusma. Finding vertex-surjective graph homomorphisms

July 5
- Mikołaj Bojańczyk. Infinite Sets That Are Finite Up to Permutations
- Prateek Karandikar and Philippe Schnoebelen. Cutting Through Regular Post Embedding Problems
- Dennis Komm, Tobias Moemke and Richard Kralovic. On the Advice Complexity of the Set Cover Problem
- Amr Elmasry and Jyrki Katajainen. Worst-Case Optimal Priority Queues via Extended Regular Counters
- Julien Cassaigne. Dynamics of Rauzy Graphs for Low-Complexity Words
- Andreas Goerdt and Lutz Falke. Satisfiability thresholds beyond $k-$XORSAT
- Barnaby Martin, Florent Madelaine and Juraj Stacho. Constraint Satisfaction with Counting Quantifiers
- Christos Kapoutsis and Giovanni Pighizzini. Two-way automata characterizations of L/poly versus NL
- Stefan Dobrev, Evangelos Kranakis, Oscar Morales Ponce and Milan Plvzik. Robust Sensor Range for Constructing Strongly Connected Spanning Digraphs in UDGs

July 6
- Piotr Indyk. Faster Algorithms for Sparse Fourier Transform
- Maxim Babenko and Ivan Pouzyrevsky. Resilient Quicksort and Selection
- Evgeny Demenkov. A Lower Bound on Circuit Complexity of Vector Function in $U_2$
- Evgeny Demenkov, Alexander Kulikov, Ivan Mihajlin and Hiroki Morizumi. Computing all MOD-functions simultaneously
- Jaroslav Nesetril. Algorithms, Dichotomy and Statistics for Geometric and Sparse Graphs
- Svetlana Selezneva. Constructing Polynomials for Functions over Residue Rings Modulo a Composite Number in Linear Time
- Ville Salo. A Characterization of Cellular Automata Generated by Idempotents on the Full Shift
- Dmitry Chistikov. Checking Tests for Read-Once Functions over Arbitrary Bases
- Volker Diekert and Manfred Kufleitner. Bounded synchronization delay in omega-rational expressions for star-free infinitary languages

July 7
- Max Alekseyev. Challenges in Comparative Genomics: from Biological Problems to
Combinatorial Algorithms (and back)
- Daniil Musatov. Resource-Bounded Kolmogorov Extractors
- Michael Blondin and Pierre Mckenzie. The Complexity of Intersecting Finite Automata Having Few Final States
- Galina Jiraskova. Optimal Simulation of AFAs by NFAs and Operations on AFA and BFA Languages
- Bartlomiej Bosek, Stefan Felsner, Kolja Knauer and Grzegorz Matecki. News about Semiantichains and Unichain Coverings