ACE 2012 - Alan Turing's SURPRISE 100th Birthday Party

June 15
• Daniel Dennett: Turing's 'Strange Inversion' of Reasoning
• Margaret Boden: Turing's Embryonic Biology
• Stephen Wolfram: Turing and the Computational Universe
• Simon Singh: From Enigma to Public Key Cryptography
• Doron Swade: The Universal Machine: Turing, Lovelace and Babbage
• Captain Jerry Roberts How We Broke Hitler's Most Secret Codes

June 16
• Brian Randell: From Ludgate to Los Alamos: Tracing Turing's Role in the Development of Electronic Computers
• Brian Carpenter and Bob Doran: Whatever Happened to the Other Turing Machine?
• Martin Campbell-Kelly: The ACE in Context
• Mike Woodger: Working With Turing at the National Physical Laboratory
• Teresa Numerico: Alan Turing and Machine Intelligence
• David Link: The Heart of the Machine. Early Software on the Manchester Mark I
• Bernard Richards: Turing's Theory of Morphogenesis Vindicated by Radiolaria
• Jon Agar: Turing and the Government Machine