Summer School in Cognitive Sciences 2012 - Evolution and Function of Consciousness

June 29
• Dan Dennett: A Phenomenal Confusion About Access and Consciousness

• Antonio Damasio: Feelings and Sentience

June 30
• Joseph Ledoux: The Perplexing Relationship Between Emotions and Consciousness (video)

• Jorge Armony: Neural Bases of Emotion

• Fernando Cervero: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Pain (video)

• Phillip Jackson: The Brain Response to the Pain of Others: Fleeing Versus Caring (video)

• Catherine Tallon-Baudry: Is Consciousness an Executive Function? (video)

• David Edelman: The Octopus as a Possible Invertebrate Model for Consciousness Studies

July 1
• Stevan Harnad: How/Why Explaining the Causal Role of Consciousness is Hard (video)

• Inman Harvey: No Hard Feelings: Why Would An Evolved Robot Care? (video)

• Ioannis Rekleitis: Three Basic Questions in Robotics: New Directions (video)

• Dario Floreano: Evolution of Adaptive Behavior in Autonomous Robots (video)

• James Clark:Attention: Doing and Feeling (video)

• Michael Graziano: Consciousness and the Attention Schema (video)

July 2
• John Campbell: What does Visual Experience Have to do with Visual Science? (video)

• Patrick Haggard: Volition and Agency: What is it, and What is it For? (video)

• David Freedman: Brain Mechanisms of Visual Categorization and Decision-Making (video)

• Shimon Edelman: Being in Time (video)

• Wayne Sossin Aplysia: If We Understand the Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Sensation and Learning, What Do We Need Consciousness for? (video)

July 4
• Bernard Baars: The biological basis of conscious experience: Global workspace dynamics in the brain (video)

• Ezequiel Morsella: The Primary Function of Consciousness in the Brain (video)

• Roy Baumeister: The Why, What and How of Consciousness (video)

• Bjorn Merker: The Brain's Need for Sensory Consciousness: From Probabilities to Percepts (video)

• Paul Cisek: The Vanishing Central Executive: Distributed Neural Mechanisms for Decision-Making (video)

• Michael Shadlen: Consciousness as a Decision to Engage (video)

July 5
• Wolf Singer: Consciousness: Unity in Time Rather Than Space? (video)

• Erik Cook: Are Neural Fluctuations in Cortex Causally Linked to Visual Perception? (video)

• Bjorn Brembs: Behavioral Freedom and Decision-Making in Flies: Evolutionary precursor of "Free Will"? (video)

• Julio Martinez: Voluntary Attention and Working Memory in The Primate Brain: Recording from Single Cells (video)

• Christopher Pack: Vision During Unconsciousness (video)

• Barbara Finlay: Continuities/Discontinuities in Vertebrate Brain Evolution and Cognitive Capacities: Implications for Consciousness? (video)

July 6
• Gary Comstock: Feeling Matters (video)

• David Rosenthal: Does Consciousness Have any Utility? (video)

• Mark Balaguer: A Scientifically Reputable Version of Indeterministic Libertarian Free Will (video1) (video2)

• Adrian Ward: Mind Blanking: When the Stream of Consciousness Runs Dry (video)

July 7
• Simon Baron-Cohen: Evolution of Empathy (video)

• Alfred Mele: Do Conscious Decisions Ever Play a Role in Action Production? (video)

• Hakwan Lau: How to study the functions of subjective awareness? (video)

• Luiz Pessoa: Cognitive-Emotional Interactions (video)

• Marthe Kiley-Worthington: Comparing Elephant and Equine Mental Traits, Subjectivity and Consciousness (video)

• Axel Cleermans: Consciousness and Learning (video)

July 8
• Stefano Mancuso: Evolution of Plant Intelligence (TED video)

• Gualtiero Piccinini: Is Consciousness a Spandrel? (video)

• Malcolm MacIver: Sensory and Motor Spaces and the Emergence of Multiple Futures (video)

• Jennifer Mather: Evolutionary Pressures and Cephalopod Consciousness (video)

• Eva Jablonka: Evolutionary Origins of Experiencing (video)

July 9
• Alain Ptito: Neural Mechanisms of Blindsight after Hemispherectomy: Tapping into the Unconscious (video)

• Amir Shmuel: Neurophysiological and hemodynamic measurements of spontaneous activity and functional connectivity (video)

• Gilles Plourde: General Anesthetics for the Study Consciousness (video)

• Amir Raz: Hypnosis as Experimental Tool to Study Metacognition, Causality and Volition

• John Searle: Consciousness and Causality (video)