International Symposium: The Alan Turing Legacy

Oct 23
• José Manuel Sánchez Ron Alan Turing: The Person of the 20th century
• Ramón López de Mántaras The AI Journey: The road traveled and the (long) road ahead
• Nigel P. Smart Provable Security
• Froilán Martínez Dopico Alan Turing and the origins of modern Gaussian elimination
• Leslie Valiant Biological Evolution as a Form of Learning
• Miguel Ángel Martín Delgado Alan Turing and the Limits of Computation
• Miguel Ángel Herrero Mathematics and biology: a difficult relation
• Josep Díaz Alan Turing: the link from Leibniz to Gödel

Oct 24
• Ignacio Luengo Turing and Enigma
• Pedro Bernal Gutiérrez Turing and Cryptography in the Second World War
• David Pearce Logic, Computation, Knowledge Representation and Problem Solving
• Bruce Wilcox Making it real: Loebner-winning chatbot design
• Luis M. Laíta George Boole, a precursor of today's Computer Algebra based Demonstrations
• Joan Bagaria i Pigrau On Turing's legacy in mathematical logic and the foundations of Mathematics
• Georg Gottlob Logic as the continuation of computer science by other means